The Schedule of Papers


The Thirty-First Pac Rim

Roman Literature Seminar

San Diego 2017

Monday, 10 July

Keynote Presentation (4:30-5:30)

Scripps Cottage

Tony Boyle (USC): “Mediating Medea”


Tuesday, 11 July

Morning Session (9:15-12:45) — Seneca

Session Chair: Sonya Wurster

Education-Business Administration (EBA) 339

Panel One

K.O. Chong-Gossard (Melbourne): “The Rediscovery of Tragic Myth in the 14th century:  Nicholas Trevet and the Reception of Senecan Tragedy”

Alexis Whalen (U Mass, Boston): “Split Personality: the Politicization of Gender in Seneca’s Oedipus

Coffee Break

Panel Two

Lisl Walsh (Beloit): “Senecan Tragedy in the City of Rome”

Scott Lepisto (USC): “The Harmony of the Happy Life: Seneca’s Reception of Socrates in De Vita Beata 24-28”

Lunch Break (12:45-2:00)

Afternoon Session (2:00-3:30) — Reception Varia I

Session Chair: Marcus Wilson

EBA 339

Panel One

Arthur Pomeroy (Victoria U, Wellington): “Franco Rossi’s Quo Vadis and the Reception of Tacitus’ Annals

Evangelina Anagnostou-Laoutides (Monash): “Veritas in Silentio (Fam.1.8.20): Seductive Song and Platonic Silence in Petrarch”

Wednesday, 12 July

Morning Session (9:15-1:00) — From Virgil to Machiavelli

Session Chair: Arthur Pomeroy

EBA 339

Panel One

Susanna Braund (British Columbia): “Translating Virgil’s Aeneid: Propaideutic or Pinnacle?”

Caroline Chong (Melbourne): The Reception of Women and Culture in the Latin Declamationes

Coffee Break

Panel Two

Marcus Wilson (Aukland): “Excavating Italicus’ Iliad

Jayne Knight (Tasmania): “The Angry Public in Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy

Thursday, 13 July

Morning Session (9:15-12:45) — Reception Varia II

Session Chair: Susanna Braund

EBA 339

Panel One

Peter Davis (Adelaide): “Un amour politique?: Love and Politics in Valerius Flaccus and Pierre Corneille”

Tammy Di-Giusto (Adelaide): “The Cena in Roman Satire”

Coffee Break

Panel Two

Ichiro Taida (I-Shou): “The Impact of Ancient Rome on the Westernization Process in Modern Japan”

Jacqueline Clarke (Adelaide): “Rape, Revenge and Resurrection in Correr’s Progne

Lunch Break (12:45-2:00)

Afternoon Session (2:00-5:30) — The Republic

Session Chair: Tony Boyle

EBA 339

Panel One

John Penwill (La Trobe): “Proteus and Venus in Silius’ Punica

Sonya Wurster (Melbourne): “The Moralist, the Immoralist and the Tyrant: The Afterlives of Cicero, Catullus and Caesar”

Panel Two

Hannah Čulík-Baird (Boston U): “Vetustas pauca non deprauat, multa tollit — Loss and Recovery of Knowledge in the Late Republic”

Friday, 14 July

Morning Session (9:15-12:00) — Ovid

Session Chair: Peter Davis

EBA 339

Christina Robertson (Auckland): “Ovid in the Contact Zone: Travel Writing in the Exile Poetry”

Christian Lehmann (USC): “Ovid and Poetic Genealogies in Epistulae ex Ponto 4.16”

Aimee Turner (Monash): “Ovid’s Affair: Baudri de Bourgeuil and the Adaptation of Roman History”